hello world,

sometimes, i get caught up in the way i think things should be. then something drastic changes in my life and its completely clarifying. i get this rush of excitement about the possibility in the new, in what could be. it is such an eye opening thing to realize that one of the qualities i adore about myself so much, is my willingness to take on what scares most, change. 

i am elated at the idea that anything could happen for me, now that i have cut ties from something that was weighing me down.

the only thing i ever want to be everlasting is the love i have for the people i care about.

if only i could channel my sadness, as well as i can channel my stress.

"In fact, my soul and yours are the same…
You appear in me and I in you"

Rumi  (via expl0si0nsinthesky)

(Source: rumiswisdom)